Help with Applying Eye Drops and Ointments

Most people find applying eye drops or ointments challenging. Here are some tips and devices that you may find helpful.* (see disclaimer below)

How to Place Medications in Your Eye- Standard Technique

Always wash your hands prior to applying your eye medications.

Eye drops and ointments should be placed in the eye without pressing on, or touching the eye itself. To do this, simply pull the lower lid down by gently placing your index finger on your cheekbone. Pull down so that your lower lid forms an open “pocket” between the eyeball and the inside of the eyelid. Place the eye drop in this space (see figure).

If an ointment has been prescribed, a strip of medication approximately ¼ inches long should be squeezed into the pocket between the eyeball and the lower eyelid.

There are multiple devices available to assist people with the application of their eye medications.  Below are some examples.  Most may be purchased over the internet but sometimes can be found in the eye care section of the pharmacy.


These devices consist of plastic holders that help position and/or squeeze the eye drop bottle.  Some assist with holding the lids.

Autodrop Eye Drop Guide by Maddak

Flents Ezy Drop Guide and Eye Wash Cup

(Available from


(Available from


*The doctors of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PC do not endorse or recommend any of these devices.  This blog is purely for information.  Individuals should investigate each device and use with caution and at their own risk.

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