Is it dry eyes or allergies?  Learn How Allergy Skin Testing can Make the Diagnosis!

Allergic disease occurs in 30-50% of the population, while ocular symptoms can be present in up to 60% of allergic disease sufferers. Allergic eyes are often watery, red, irritated, dry and itchy. These symptoms are often found in patients suffering from dry eye syndrome. However the treatment of allergic eye irritation can be different than the treatment for chronic dry eyes.

Patients suffering with chronic dry eye syndrome often complain of red, irritated, gritty and itchy eyes.  Despite appropriate treatment for chronic dry eyes some patients still do not get the relief they are hoping for. Often times using artificial tear drops, vitamin supplements, eyelid hygiene regimens and even prescription medications still leave patients frustrated. Could allergies be a contributing factor?

The most common type of allergy is seasonal, however some patients can have perennial allergy symptoms, which occur throughout the year with frequent exacerbations. Besides a complete eye examination with particular attention to symptoms and signs of allergic conjunctivitis, allergy testing can help establish triggers and determine whether targeted therapy may be beneficial.

Now allergy testing is quick, painless and can be done in our office in minutes without the use of needles. Allergy testing is covered by most major insurance providers. We test up to 60 different allergens particular to our geographic location and results are available in about 15 minutes.

The first treatment of allergic eye disease is avoidance of triggers. If allergens are identified targeted anti-allergy medications can then be prescribed by your ophthalmologist.

To see if allergy testing is right for you make an appointment with your ophthalmologist at Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Blog posted by Dr. Alex Voldman, a board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained cataract and cornea specialist. For more information on allergy testing, or any of the services we offer, please contact us (203) 878-1236 at any of our 4 offices in Milford, Orange, Branford, or Shelton. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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