Telemedicine at Eye Physicians & Surgeons, PC (EPS): What to Consider During the Coronavirus Public Health Emergency

Telemedicine is a virtual visit rather than an in-person visit—using audio, text and/or video communication in the safety and privacy of your own home. The doctors at EPS have been offering telemedicine visits when appropriate.

The office staff booking your telemedicine visit or your doctor will discuss the process of setting up a telemedicine visit and will ask for your permission (consent) first.  Consent is generally obtained verbally but also can be obtained in written form.   Please click “Request an Appointment Button” above or go to ( for the telemedicine consent forms.


When is it best to use telemedicine with your EPS doctor?

Eye conditions that can be visualized during your virtual visit—such as the eyelids or the white part of your eye (called the conjunctiva) are more typically appropriate for telemedicine visits.  Here are some examples.

  • Stye (eyelid with small bump)
  • Red eye (conjunctivitis)
  • If your child has an eye turn (eye turn is called strabismus)
    • Below is a photograph showing the virtual visit from the 9 gaze app (with consent and permission from the child’s parent): eyes are straight!





If I schedule a telemedicine visit with my EPS doctor, what should I do?

Make sure that you provide the correct cell phone number and/or email address you will be using for the virtual visit. Also, before your visit, please check that your battery is charged sufficiently for your cell phone and/or computer. Your EPS doctor will send a secure, HIPPA compliant private link from either “Doximity” or “” for the telemedicine visit.

Also, your doctor may ask you to check your vision or your child’s vision prior to the virtual visit with a FREE APP called homevisioncheck.

Our goal is for all our patients to have a straight-forward and successful process for the telemedicine visit. Pleasestay safe during these difficult times.

Blog post by Jennifer A. Galvin, M.D., a Board Certified ophthalmologist with fellowship training in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus.

Please call the Milford office ((203) 878-1236) to find out which days are available for telemedicine visits with these EPS doctors:  Dr. Martin R. Shapiro, Dr. Philip J. Silverstone, Dr. Darron A. Bacal, Dr. Seth W. Meskin, Dr. Omar Faridi, Dr. Alexander E. Voldman, Dr. Jennifer Galvin.

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